Which African influencers do you need to follow on Instagram right now?
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Technology is something that has grown steadily over time to become central to modern life in Africa. This can be seen at work, for example, where emails and video calls are commonplace for many. Indeed, such is the importance of tech now that it is hard to imagine being able to manage without it!

This is also true in our personal lives, where technology plays a similarly key role. Playing online casino games for fun is a great example of this and has become a popular pastime in many African countries lately. This is easy to understand when you consider the fun and excitement it delivers. It gets even better if you choose casinos that give free money to play with. From top no deposit casinos in South Africa to others like this around Africa, playing online games is certainly a cool way to relax. It would not be possible, though, without digital tech and the latest software to base it all on!

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Social media sites are another type of tech-based platform that have made a huge impact in Africa since first launching. While Facebook and Twitter are well-known examples, perhaps the one with the most clout right now is Instagram. This is a platform with over 1 billion active users globally and a vast range of accounts to follow. This includes the accounts of a number of African influencers, who bring valuable tips and advice to their followers.


But which African influencers on Insta should you be following right now?


Nancie Mwai (@nanciemwai)



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When it comes to Instagram influencers across the whole of Africa, Kenyan Nancie Mwai is one to keep tabs on. This Nairobi-born dynamo originally found fame on her own YouTube channel in 2010, where she shared make-up tips, fashion advice and lifestyle ideas with her fans. Since creating her Instagram account, she has had huge success on the platform. This has seen her blossom into an award-winning influencer and also create the ever-popular Nancie Mwai blog. For advice on living your best life and looking good as you do, this IG star is hard to beat.

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Thickleeyonce (@thickleeyonce)


Born Lesego Legobane, this South African resident is well known for being a top Instagram influencer. This high profile has seen Thickleeyonce pick up around 750,000 IG followers and make it onto the Instagram rich list recently. In addition, she has her own fashion clothing store called Lee Bex for fans to check out. This is an account you need to follow for the body positive message it promotes and the way it empowers women to be happy in their own skin. As a plus-size model and body positive advocate, the impact of accounts like hers cannot be understated.


Sharon Mundia (@this_is_ess)


If you like to get tips on the best places to visit, Sharon Mundia’s IG account is worth checking out. This account is based mainly around travelling and showcasing cool places Mundia has been, which might be worth trying out yourself. Originally born in Kenya, Sharon regularly shows awesome photos from places like Turkey and Mauritius. Even if you cannot get away yourself, it will cheer you up just by looking at the content. Along with a lifestyle show on Kenyan NTV, this Instagram account has helped make Mundia a star.

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Hlubi Mboya-Arnold (@hlubimboya1)



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When it comes to African influencers worth following on Insta, Hlubi Mboya-Arnold is also a great choice. Although she is a leading African businesswomen, actress and entrepreneur, many people love her account for the fitness inspiration it brings. Hlubi is a great athlete and shows her followers that activities such as hiking and cycling can bring about positive changes in their lives. With great content on exercise, the passion she has to share her message with the world cannot be ignored. This is truly inspiring and following her Insta account is sure to help you find ways to improve your own life.


African influencers rule on Instagram

 From checking out the latest tracks from rising DJ producer duo Amapiano Chronicles to streaming hot TV shows, tech is crucial in culture now. When it comes to social media platforms, their global nature is a big plus. This is certainly true for Instagram, which is available in many African countries and gives Africans a way to share their message with the world. Of course, platforms such as Instagram also help people in countries like South Africa find fresh inspiration from influential figures, which they can take into their own lives.

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