Who Needs Hands? Definitely Not These Millennials
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With the continued rise in fast fashion, the need to create garments that can easily go from the runway straight into buyers closets is becoming quite prevalent. Most “fashion experts” have seen this phenomenon as problematic. Designers continue to strive to keep up with fashion trends happening on the streets and give the offering while it is still relevant. This may impact of the quality of garments put out. But this is a story for another day.

(Credit: Eunice Driver, Eunice Driver Photography)

While at fashion week, which is arguably the biggest event of the fashion calendar – one thing that was certain was that creativity and “fashion expression” beats functionality at any given moment. Millennials are willing to go any extent to ensure that their outfit stands out, even if it means not being able to function properly on a day to day. Who cares about functionality anyway?

(Credit: Eunice Driver, Eunice Driver Photography)

The trend that caught our attention came from the frequent bodies dressed in over sized clothing inches from dragging on the floor like a ballgowns. We have seen this trend a couple of times before but not to these lengths. More and more bodies are choosing to wrap themselves in over sized pieces also covering their palms – arguably one of the most used areas of the human anatomy. But yet again, who cares?

(Image Source: Instagram – @blaqdiamond150_inqola)

This Ambitious duo, Blaq Diamond, were dressed in Ara Kani’s SA Menswear AW18 collection. It was probably the most interesting look at SAFW, or at least one that quickly caught our attention and probably the attention of few others. This takes us back to the impact men’s wear is slowly of becoming. Hanging around the bar area at fashion week, one would wonder how they were planning to hold their drinks in their hands. Silly me, it does not matter. As long as you are the coolest in the club.

(Credit: Eunice Driver, Eunice Driver Photography)

And of course, we also saw the no hands adaptation on a few designer collections on the runway.

(Image Source: Instagram – @manthe.ribane)

“Here’s me the next morning. I couldn’t get my dress unzipped so I slept in it.. never wanted a husband in my life until now.” – Jane Fonda

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