Women In House: Remembering Nichume Siwundla
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Sad times in the house music scene.

In the early hours of 7 June 2019, the South African public received terrible news that Nichume Siwundla had taken her own life.

Nichume, who is the angelic voice behind the hit single Bhutiza by the hit maker Mobi Dixon was a very talented vocalist.

The enchanting Nichume always came in with a mellow approach, full of warmth and a feeling of enticement. With her harmonious vocals, she sang about hope, love and everything else in between.

According to a reported interview with Kas’Lam Nichume opened up about struggling with depression. Nichume had been on anti-depression pills and recently stopped taking her medication as they were hindering her creative process.

I did also dabble in on a little of medication which I felt made me worse, but there are some people that depression medication works for and there’s some that it doesn’t

Nichume said in the interview

I had a lot of writer’s block and I didn’t feel like being around people and then I’d have to go on stage and put on a bright face so for me that’s why I had to stop the medication

She added.

Nichume will be remembered for the music she has left behind and the memories she shared with her fans.

Three times Nichume made us dance:

Mobi Dixon – Bhutiza ft. Nichume

Bhutiza was released in 2017 and took the nation by storm and kept us singing along. The song went on the reach gold status and had Nichume’s career in music jump into full gear. Bhutiza is Mobi Dixon’s first song ever that does not feature any English lyrics.

She jumped on the track with her fiery vocals and also showcased her lyrical ability.

Daydreaming – Fistaz Mixwell ft Mobi Dixon & Nichume

Daydreaming is another track that showcases Nichume’s vocal ability. She completely dominates this track.

Mobi Dixon and Fistaz Mixwell also showed up on the track with quality and execution.

Nichume – Thobela (feat. Mobi Dixon & T-love)

This is the latest offering from Nichume which was released in preparation for a debut album. It’s a party song so it looks like Nichume was looking at switching up with her style.

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