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Yizo yizo is back on TV



It is official, the legendary controversial local drama series yizo yizo is coming back on TV, the official SABC 1 twitter page just tweeted “Its back folks, you asked and we answered #YizoYizo returns to our screens on Thursday, 9 Aug at 10pm”. The series portrays a young rape victim haunted by nightmares; the perpetrators adjusting to prison life while awaiting their trial; the politics of school budgetary and staffing cuts; an opportunistic teacher-student affair; and a teacher who cannot overcome cultural differences between herself and her students. Yizo yizo is an award winning show which has often been described as an uncompromising television drama series set in a township school; it is directed by Barry Berk and Teboho Mahlatsi. Some of the popular characters from the show include Meshack Mavuso who plays the character of Javas and Jet Novuka who portrays Zakes.

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  1. Cottage Cheese

    01/08/2012 at 16:23

    I am two sided about this: I loved it when it played the first time, it was as it is described above, and it that’s what made it great. But I think SABC is robbing us of new fresh talent from new writers and directors.

  2. mickey mouse

    01/08/2012 at 17:24

    Let the tv show come back hopefully nothing will be changed allowing us to still experience it like it was….it helped a lot of people get over difficult situations giving them hope for tomoorow hopefully it will be able to achieve that once again tht no matter what ones situation is, you can get through it with perservearance and dedication it was very educational let it come back

  3. luh

    26/08/2012 at 09:07

    I’m glad its back because I never really got the opportunity to watch it cos I was underage,the problem now is that it plays too late

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