Youngsta CPT Drops ‘Yasis’ Video
Published 3 years ago by

Youngsta CPT drops the music video for ‘Yasis’. The Kaapstaad General is back with another visual heavy music video for his latest single called “Yasis”. For those that are not clued up with the colloquial ‘Kasi’ lingo, “Yasis” is an exclamation term similar to “Oh My Gosh”, but I digress…

Youngsta’s music video opens with a wide shot showing two school girls approaching a jungle gym and then abruptly cuts to a posse shot of him and his crew mobbing at a corner store. The music video treatment is quite simple however, it works perfectly for the vibe of the song. Visually, very striking and features a lot of low angle shots which create the illusion of superiority.

The video is filmed by Stanley John Films, who is becoming a frequent collaborator with Youngsta. They have worked together on Youngsta’s ‘Let Me Be Great’ and ‘Salutas’ music videos. Be sure to check out Youngsta’s latest offering and let us know what you think.


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