Zakes Bantwini Tells Us More About SA’s First Drive In Concert
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As social distancing laws and regulations continue to restrict large crowd gatherings, more and more musicians around the world have been coming up with innovative solutions around the problems with many choosing to turn to technology.

However, Zakes Batwini has different views and ideas on the matter. According to him, people can still attend and enjoy the experience of a live concert, however in the comfort and safety of their cars – ultimately introducing South Africa’s very first drive in concert.

Although the concept is not a new one, Batwini further elaborates in saying:

“Getting services while you’re in your car  is not a new thing. It is not fair to close down the whole industry just because of this new pandemic, we can still practice social distancing and every restriction that the government has put forward in Covid-19 with its levels. We can still meet those restrictions while getting entertained and while the industry is still vibrant. So that’s how this whole idea came about. We saw other countries and other places like Denmark, Lithuania, Germany, UK and Europe doing it, so we want to be the first to do it in Africa or at least South Africa.”

                                                                                                          – Zakes Bantwini

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A conglomerate of SA’s leading entertainers Zakes Bantwini, Dj Sox , Kgolo Daguru(Events promoter & Nighclub Mogul) and Dj Mshayi (Co owner of Rands CPT) have joined forces to put together an innovative outdoor festival. For the past 2 months we've been engaging with the government to propose the re-opening of the entertainment sector as soon as possible by introducing SA‘s First COVID 19 Drive in Concert. " The Drive in Concert " is a music festival specifically designed to create jobs for entertainers while still following strict safety measures on social distancing. ‘Big gatherings mainly in the Arts and Culture are facing a bigger challenge as they are being categorized as high risk. Which means if we do not invent new platforms for artist to perform to an audience then the entertainment industry will suffer the longest’. Stated Zakhele Madida. Other countries like Denmark have already started this trend of Drive in Shows and it has proven to be successful. ‘Fact is, the DRIVE-IN EXPERIENCE has been around forever. It is nothing new under the sun, from watching a movie, enjoying a live show at a drive-in venue or simply buying your favourite burger. However the SA DRIVE IN CONCERT is going to be the first in SA and it’s main purpose is to provide jobs during this Covid 19 pandemic’ said Kgolo Mthembu The Organizers are confident in the execution of this huge project as they have prepared a detailed plan , from health and safety precautions to production. More information will be available on their social Media platforms DRIVEINCONCERT_SA (Facebook and Instagram) also has the hashtag #DriveInConcertSA.

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Although it hasn’t yet been confirmed of how the drive in concert will work, Bantwini plans to work very closely with the government to ensure that all restrictions and rules are followed.

“At this stage we’re thinking of sticking to doing this with 50 cars, because before lockdown government instructed the police to not allow venues to be filled up to over 100 people.”

 – Zakes Bantwini

In addition to this Bantwini adds that negotiations are still underway and that dates are still to confirmed. So make sure to stay glued to all socials for the most recent updates on this news.




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