#ZKLife – Three Things I Learned About Myself During Lockdown
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The 21st day of lockdown hurts because this was originally the end of lockdown.

Before President Cyril Ramaphosa announced the extension to the lockdown last week, today would have been the last day of the national lockdown due to covid-19. 

Many of us had psyched ourselves up for the lockdown and felt we could do this isolation thing. 

To my surprise, although I have the company of my girlfriend, the daily grind of work and uncapped WIFI to keep me company, I find myself missing the simple pleasures of life. 

The freedom to go to a friend, go have a great meal (I didn’t cook), hug a stranger and just be alive among fellow humans are just some of the things I miss. 

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Although I miss human interaction and feeling alive in a world full of possibilities, there are certain things about myself that I have realized during this time on lockdown. 


Although no two days have been the same in terms of emotion and inspiration, what I have realized as the day went on is although the world is on pause, it still has to move and I’m a cog in the system that has to keep it moving no matter what. It’s not easy especially working in a creative environment where we feed off each other’s energy and now you need to keep going even if you feel like not doing anything, but we persevere. 

Positive Outlook

The other day my girlfriend asked me how I stay positive during this time? I honestly said: “How can you not be if it’s something you have no powers over?” I’ve realized my positive outlook on life has always been what keeps me going even though faced with adversity. This is one of those times you need to keep an optimistic outlook that the world will heal, and life will get back to normal or even better, we will find a sweeter way of living. 

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Life is not infinite

This lockdown has reminded me life is not infinite and the loss of freedom reminds us of what we love. It reminds us how painful love is, how instinctive and near the surface, and how without it we are nothing. A hard, precious lesson. 

Sadness has value. The virus will pass. There will be emotional reunions, explosions of carnality, wildly alcoholic picnics to come. We will be rich in freedoms again. But we should not be the people we were going into this. It would truly be a waste if we were.

Let’s continue working with the government to curb the spread of Covid-19 so we can get back to living.

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