#ZKSnaps: Catching Up With All Things Fashion and Style
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Starting off our style snaps list we have the the very fashionable Macc Gee with the launch of his brand’s latest collection titled Sophie. Sophie is indeed Macc Gee’s mother’s name which the young fashion influencer details in the post caption and is the source of inspiration for his entire collection. The range of garments feature warm and comfortable two piece outfits which have arrived perfectly for the winter time.

Next up we have the electrifying Zoe-Lee also known as Speelvrou on Instagram showing us how’s it done in a Dickies t-shirt. She styles the look with a long pleated skirt, some kicks and a stripey blazer.

Then, taking us back to the office we have the very daring Leago Scars rocking a cool and collected oversized suit. To add the finishing touches to his outfit Leago adds some black shades along with a vintage pair of high tops.

lastly, Miss Thickleeyonce takes us shopping with her very casual yet chic outfit snap. To keep it safe as always, the beautiful influenecr throws on her face mask and for that style, she adds some Vans and a washed out denim jacket.



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