ZKSnaps: More Quarantine Outfit Snaps from Your Favorite Celebs
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Continuing with the growing social media trend of sharing stylish outfit snaps online, we’ve compiled some of the best shots from this past week. On the list we have amazing personalities such as Miss Thickleyonce showing us a thing  or two about minimalistic athleisure while  Macc Gee demonstrates how to keep it cool but also productive as well. With that, here are some more of the best quarantine outfit snaps from your most favourite celebrities.


With monochromatic minimalism as her inspiration, Thickleeyonce continues to wow us with her always perfectly styled and curated fashion looks. In this snap, the curvaceous beauty is seen sipping on a cup of coffee while looking very comfy and stylish in her two-piece plush pink Lounge Apparel set.


Next up, Mr Macc Gee shows us how to not only keep it cool but also productive as well. He snaps away looking absolutely fly in a pair of emerald green sweats to which he pairs off with a shirtless upper body. Perfect for all day comfort while on the grind from home.


Sbahle Mpisane is all smiles as she embraces all her meaningful moments. She does this while dressed in a cute workout outfit ready to bust some serious moves on her yoga mat.


Like Miss Thickleeyonce, Mihlali is embracing her inner minimalistic atheleisure style as she rocks a black two piece gym set.


Reminding us to always keep it street is the stylish Tshego Koke who is rocking this street inspired layered look above. With all round comfort in mind, Koke pairs his t-shirt with a warm flannel along with some loose sweats. As a finishing touch, he then completes off the look with a classic pair of Jordans which are perfect for any occasion.

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Dressing up for the living room …

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Keeping it cute and effortless is the beautiful Buhle Samuels wearing a short denim skirt paired off with a lovely white heart-shaped crop.


Lastly the queen of classic fashion elegance, Kamo Mafokwane (also known as @willkatelady on the Gram), is giving us hope  for the last day of lockdown with her stunning style snap captioning it:

“Just practicing for when it’s a real Friday after lockdown and social distancing is over.”

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