#ZKSnaps: Slay Festival and Brentwood Club x FixConversation
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Slay Festival 

The slay festival held this past weekend was nothing short of exciting and inspiring as some of the most influential women from all different walks of business and creative fields came together to talk about their journeys to success. As such, the festival is genuinely the ultimate networking and learning experience for budding female entrepreneurs. Take a look at who was there.









Brentwood x FixConversation 

It was a glorious and soul uplifting afternoon at the FixConversations Brunch held at the Rand Club this past Sunday. The event, which was in collaboration with heritage brand, Brentwood and Queen of Culture, Kwena Baloyi dove deep into the conversation about loving and appreciating one’s culture and generational stories of heritage. It was an organic conversation as Kwena went around the room exploring each of her guests’ stories and in the process drawing and highlighting much-needed lessons about culture and relating them to the rich and iconic history of Brentwood. As the face of the brand, Big Zulu shared a few snaps from the day.





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