#ZKSnaps: The #VogueChallenge is Demanding for More Diversity
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In the midst of all the racial injustices and tensions, editor in chief of Vogue, Anna Wintour recently vowed to her staff that the publication aims to do better regarding racial discrimination and diversity. However, while this is happening black artists through the help of social media are giving us a peak of how this diversity will look like.

The growing social media trend of the #VogueChallenge was started by young student and model to be, Salma Noor from Oslo, Norway.

Image Source: Fashion Sizzle

“My inspiration for this challenge was the lack of representation of black people that looked like me on the front cover of magazines. In light of recent events in America with the topic of race, I felt like it was the right moment to post an edit of me on the cover of Vogue.”

Salma Noor

It was from that point on that other artists around the world started to take up the challenge including some of our very own here in Mzansi. Here are some posts that have embraced this challenge:


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It’s not too late? #voguechallenge

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A girl can dream right!? #voguechallenge

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